Crucial Factors to Remember During a Domestic Violence Case

Crucial Factors to Remember During a Domestic Violence Case

Crucial Factors to Remember During a Domestic Violence Case

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you will face very serious charges, whether these claims are accurate or unfounded. Domestic violence cases are legally and emotionally complex, and will dramatically change the lives of the accused, their partners, and children. If you are facing legal action from a domestic violence accusation, it is important to remember these key factors about your case.

1. Domestic violence charges will disrupt family life: Whether you have been given time in jail or restricted visiting rights, parents accused of domestic violence will have a harder time seeing their children when they want to. The legal process can disrupt family life, and all parties involved may suffer emotional trauma and stress.

2. Most domestic violence claims are on a he-said-she-said basis: One of the most common issues with domestic violence accusations, is they occur on a he-said-she-said basis. This means the evidence is just one party’s word against the others, in many cases. For this reason, people are often falsely accused of domestic violence, when the reality is that both parties were mutually involved, or one party acted in self-defense.

3. Domestic violence charges can have a variety of punishments: The severity of the incident, combined with your criminal history and level of legal representation, will all factor into the punishment for your charges. Depending on your case, the charges can result in a misdemeanor or felony, with sentences including 30 days in jail or a lifetime sentence. Either way a domestic violence case will change the course of your life.

4. Your best chance at a successful outcome is hiring an attorney: Since domestic violence charges are a serious and complex legal issue, it is vital to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who has represented clients in similar situations, successfully.

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