I was cited for a misdemeanor drug possession, then the DA amended the charges to possession for SALES. AFTER I got clean and straightened out my life. With my record, this could have been devastating. While the case was still pending, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Not only did I stand to lose the life I worked so hard to rebuild, but if they had put me in custody, I wouldn’t have been here for my mom, who was dying and needed me more than ever. Every good thing in my life rested in the hands of my attorney.
Sean Nicholson took a case that could have ended with me in prison for many years and convinced them to drop it back down to a misdemeanor, and give me two years of COURT (unsupervised) probation. NO JAIL TIME. AND fines and fees were waived. I hadn’t dared to even HOPE for such a good outcome. I literally could not have asked for more. The only way it gets better than that is an outright dismissal, which, in this case, was NEVER going to happen, because they had me dead to rights.
This attorney may not win any awards for being Mr. Congeniality, but don’t be fooled – he will FIGHT for you. He saved my life as I know it, and because of him, I was at HOME, holding my mother’s hand when she passed. There are no words that can adequately express my gratitude.

If you want a lawyer that will do the very best by you, and won’t settle for less, hire Sean Nicholson.


I got charged with a DUI and felt hopeless until I received a letter from Nicholson Law Offices. I gave them a call immediately and Sean patiently walked me through the process and explained that I wouldn’t have to attend any hearings unless ordered by the court which was a lifesaver considering I reside hundreds of miles away. I spoke to him on numerous occasions and even though I felt that my questions were redundant and minuscule Sean took his time to address every concern I had. If Sean wasn’t available, Leslie would graciously answer my questions and helped relieve the stress that comes along with making this type of mistake. Although I don’t plan to have any more run-ins with the law, if I do Sean will be the first phone call I make. I couldn’t thank this office enough, they’ve been fantastic.

Steven V.

Sean was amazing. He went through almost a year of fighting for us due to the DA’s delays and was so patient and kind with what our case was. His dilligence in all of or court appearances didn’t faze him. He kept reassuring us of what the best outcome would be and he delivered just as he said he would. If you need an attorney, Sean and his group are one you can count on.


The Nicholson Law Offices are fantastic! My son had a complicated case and was too sick to attend court. Sean Nicholson made it so that Danny didn’t have to appear in court. Sean had to appear six times and finally got the case dismissed and he kept us informed throughout the whole ordeal. His price was very reasonable and his work superb! I highly recommend him.


I drank, I drove and shortly after I crashed into several parked cars. Don’t ask how it happened, it just happened. The first thing I did after I got bailed out of jail, I called Sean. My wife used Sean and his team before on a different issue and Sean and his team did a tremendous job on that case.
I was looking at serious felony charges, but knowing that I had Sean and his team on my side I knew I would be in great hands. Sean and his team worked out a deal with the DA’s office that even left my wife and I in shock. That’s how much of a great lawyer he his. Thanks Sean!!
So if you are in a jam or ever get yourself in a jam and you need a lawyer stop looking and go with Sean Nicholson and his team just do yourself that favor, trust me I did.
Thanks for everything Sean!

N. Singh

I was pulled over and charged with a DUI about a year ago, and luckily, Sean reached out to me. He represented me in court and got my fine decreased significantly. But most important, he battled the DMV on my behalf throughout 2017, and I never got my license suspended–all thanks to Sean. For all his work, he only charged one up-front fee. I can’t recommend him enough!


I have never had any trouble with the law and one night bad night I did and need a Lawyer. I called many from the web and came across Sean. Sean made me feel comfortable and confident that he would get this all cleared up. He was able get it taken care of and put up with me calling all time and would answer any questions I had. I thank you Mr. Nicholson


I have never been in trouble with the law my entire life. I made a mistake and I was so fortunate to hire Sean Nicholson to represent my case. I was in uncharted territory with the criminal justice system and Mr. Nicholson was by my side every step of the way. He explained the charges against me and advised me with insight, knowledge and legal guidance that I could not have provided on my own. He spoke calmly, clearly and was very patient with my questions and concerns. We met three times at the courthouse. He provided me with a strategy and the possible outcomes. He delivered and I can not be more thrilled with his performance. I am truly grateful for the experience and so humbled and thankful that our paths have crossed. I am working through my probation and when the time is right we will work on expunging my criminal record and I can proceed with my life. Hopefully, I will never need his services again after my incident but I truly and whole-heartedly recommend his expertise and services!


Mr. Sean Nicholson conducted my case covering all details possible, and the day at the Court he met me outside the Court Room, as previously discussed, and before going to the podium to see the Judge. He explained me that he had met the Judge and the D.A. to discuss my case, getting a reduced infraction with a very affordable fine, and explained to me all the options I had besides the offer from the Court, for me to take an informed decision. He spoke calmly, not using too many technical terms, giving time to understand. Then we went to the Court Room, and at the end, with an outcome matching exactly what Mr. Nicholson had told me minutes before, Mr. Nicholson got a receipt from one of the clerks and gave it to me for me to pay the fine, adding that in one year we would apply for expungement, so I could have my records clean again. He also added that I could call him for any further questions I might have.
In summary, I can describe Mr. Nicholson’s performance with one word: Excellence (5 stars).


The Nicholson Law Office was VERY helpful in all aspects of the court proceedings. I would just like to thank Mr. Nicholson personally for the help with my case. I appreciate his candor and honesty with my situation. I am pleased with the outcome and handling of the case. I will gladly recommend his services to any of my friends or family that may ever need it. Thank you again for your teams assistance.


I had an issue with very serious legal ramifications that could have negatively altered my life forever. Instead, Sean took charge and overcame many hurdles in getting me a decision far superior to anything I could have dreamed. He took the time to understandably explain everything in great detail. He gave me both best-case and worst-case scenarios and the got me a better result than the best-case version. What else can I say? I was floored with gratitude and will hire Sean again in a second if the need ever arises!


He is an excellent attorney and always looks out for the best interest of the client.


Great lawyer he went to all my court dates unless I was appointed to go by the judge along with getting me the best outcome in my eyes! 22 days of community service, 2nd time offender program and fees for a 2nd dui and hit and run!


I was arrested after having too much to drink and things got worse from there. I spoke to Sean on the phone and he put me at ease. He seemed to know what he was talking about and so I went with my gut and hired him. I couldn’t afford much but Sean listened and gave me a payment plan that I could totally handle.
Sean met me in court and walked me through my first court date. he made me feel ok about things and even got the restraining order reduced so I could see my kids easier. Sean answered all of my questions and put me at ease. At the next court dates he had reviewed everything the district attorney put up against me and went through it all with me. I felt like I could ask any question and Sean would know the answer. If he didn’t know, which did not happen, I am sure he would work hard to figure it out.
He made the best of a really bad situation for me and I am so happy that I hired him Sean’s office staff was always ready to help and ready to listen too.


Sean took me on as a client for a misdemeanor for embezzlement and the whole process was so clear. My questions got answered quickly aw well. My case got dismissed and I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without him


Sean represented me this year on a probation violation – and 2 DUI cases. Without Sean, I was looking at jail time and fines to boot! Sean worked out an agreement so that I wouldn’t have to spend any time in jail. I am thankful that Sean represented me in these cases.
I HIGHLY recommend Sean Nicholson.


From the beginning to the end Sean and his whole team did an amazing job!! We contacted Sean because of a family dispute that led us to go to court on a Monday and we didn’t receive the court order until the Friday before. We contacted Sean on Friday and basically within 24 hours he took the case and even appeared in court on the Monday we needed him. He walked my family and I through the case and helped us keep our stress at ease. His team always kept in touch with us and let us know what was happening every step of the way. He was very thorough and always responded in a timely manner. I know Sean had other cases on his hands, but he and his team always made me feel like our case was a priority. From the beginning, he was confident in his advise and we couldn’t have made it through this issue without him! The thing I loved most about Sean and his team was that once they stepped in to take over the case, my family and I could step out and continue living our lives and his team took care of paperwork, court dates, and the stress of having to deal with issues that arose from this case. Until the end, Sean and his team didn’t loose the momentum and helped us win the case. I would highly recommend Sean and his team if you need an attorney. His team plays to win. I know this will be the only attorney I call for all my attorney needs! Again, thank you to Sean and his team.


Mr. Nicholson and his office represented me for my DUI case. He and his team was able to lower my sentence to a “wet reckless” and was able to lower my penalties. I am very thankful for him and his office that my license was not suspended. I will take this as a lesson. I am lucky to find a great lawyer to represent me on my case.


I am a client, and I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Nicholson & Nicholson to anyone who is in need of a criminal defense attorney. If your case is a DUI related incident, then this is the Law Firm to retain.
The Law Offices of Nicholson & Nicholson, in particular, Mr. Sean A. Nicholson are currently representing me for a DUI accident incident. Although my case has not reached a conclusion yet, their representation on my behalf has been excellent and very professional. I am totally satisfied and content on his representation of me.
I would have to give , without even thinking about it, an A+ rating to Mr. Sean A. Nicholson and the Nicholson Law Offices.


Mr Nicholson took care of all court preceedings promptly kept me updated. Came in person to court spoke to me over the phone himself. Returned all calls most of all got case Dismissed. In a timely manner. Painless also offered a payment plan would recommend him or hire him again if needed


I had to hire The Nichols team for a very sticky situation with a stalking neighbor. The team preformed way beyond my expectations. I think they went out of their way to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I will and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who needs judicial help.


I had a DUI on my record and work in a tech field where my job is extremely competitive. The office I worked at was closing down, and I was going to lose my job, and not be able to get another one with this on my background check. Sean Nicholson (the partner who helped with the motion) went to court and argued in my defense that I was not going to able to support myself financially. The DA was being difficult and the motion required quite a bit if argument. Sean Nicholson fought for me and got the DA to side with him in my favor. So extremely thankful to Sean!


Mr. Nicholson was a wonderful attorney he was able to get me a great deal on my DUI. He was also very professional and really understanding when I was stressed out. Thank you once again for your great service and also thank you to Leslie for all your help as well.

Jorge D

Sean and his firm is very professionnal with all the appropriate legal documents. He gave me a honest upfront expectations on what to expect on my case. He handled everything for me. My case didn’;t even make it to trial because of his great knowledge of the law and the local courts. I strongly reccomend him!


His agency has provided outstanding assistance, information and compassion to assist with my legal problem and I definitely would and already have promoted his services and agency. Truly outstanding and also provide a personal approach and understanding to not only me but my family’s situation.
Mr. Rivas


I was arrested in 2008 for a DUI and last year for a petty theft – Sean helped me with both to my HUGE satisfaction. He kept in touch and answered my many questions quickly. He is not like other lawyers I talked to – he tells it like it is with no BS so that I could understand.
I hope to never have to use him again but it I do need someone, I will definitely call Sean again. Plus he was so generous with the payment plan that he gave me.


My son was in a legal mess…2 DUI’s within one year; one involving an accident. Through our association with Sean Nicholson, he was able to reduce the court fees and waive the supposed jail time. His associates were always flexible regarding last minute changes and provided excellent support and legal guidance throughout the process. My son and I were kept informed of developments in the case, either by phone or by email around the clock. These legal wizards kept the stress at a minimal level so that my son and I were not emotionally overwhelmed with the dire pending legal issues. Easy to work with and affordable with a payment plan that was comfortable.


I had made a mistake and felt lost. I called and spoke with several attorneys, some that helped me and some also scared me. Mr. Nicholson is a head above, no BS, no scare tactics, just thorough and professional. His honesty and experience was exactly what I was looking for. I did not have to take time off of work, which was a huge plus, and did not have to worry that my case was being handled the best way it could be. Clear direction and answers to all of questions when I had them. Hopefully will not be in need of a criminal defense attorney again but if I ever do, I know who to call.


As far as I know Nicholson mainly responds to DUI charges. However, the Nicholson team quickly identified a strong defense in my misdemeanor trespass charge and eliminated any prosecution. Communication was thorough and more than adequate. Don’t risk hiring a lawyer who won’t truly invest in your best interest. Initially the fee I paid seemed steep, but Leslie and Sean NAILED IT!!!!!!!


I contacted Mr. Nicholson after being arrested for my second DUI. He walked me through the whole process and responded to all of my questions, even after-hours. I would definitely use him AGAIN, I just hope that I won’t have to……


Sean did a great job for me 5 charges dropped by the DA for lack of evidance. Sean is a solid choice for your criminal defence.